Aerial Arts

Aerial Arts are nothing short of spectacular. Aviatricks can install an aviator over your event to wow, enthrall and amuse. Performances now available in

  • Solo and Duo Static Trapeze
  • Solo and Duo Aerial Fabrics (aka Silks or Tissu)
  • Corde lisse (rope)
  • Spanish Web
  • Aerial Hoop

Solo and Duo Aerial Shows

Aviatricks Aerial can choreograph a piece inspired by your event to complement it perfectly. Below are some of our current pieces.

"Young at Heart"         6 minute-long solo Aerial Fabrics piece

A dreamy and uplifting 1950s-inspired fabrics piece performed to classic music by Frank Sinatra.

"Aviatricks"         6 minute-long duo static trapeze act

A serene yet spectacular double trapeze act where a duo of trapeze dancers moves in synchrony and snake around each other on the trapeze bar. They mirror each other's movements to create a beautiful and unusual dance piece.

"Cirque du Ceilidh"

A dramatic and daring aerial fabrics duo piece performed to a contemporary score especially written by Lisa Petticrew.

Aerial Hangabout         20 minutes

Install an aviator over your event for something smart, sexy and ethereal to gaze up at. Choose from fabric cocoon, static trapeze or aerial hoop.

Aerial Performance: Practical Info

  • Aerial equipment needs to be hung from fixed rigging points or exposed beams load-tested to 500kg
  • Aviatricks can recommend a production company who can install safe structures at your event if there is no rigging point available at the venue
  • For outdoor performance, we can provide a portable aerial rig which can be erected on any stable flat surface; the specifications of this structure can be supplied on request
  • At outdoor events it is also possible for us to install equipment from large trees if available and suitable
  • Recommended minimum rigging point height for static trapeze and aerial hoop - 4 metres (ideal height: 4 - 6 metres)
  • Recommended minimum rigging point height for fabrics, rope and Spanish web - 5 metres (ideal height: 5 - 8 metres)

If you have any questions about our Aerial Arts or anything else, please contact us to discuss your requirements.