A novelty in the UK, acrobalance is the art of partner acrobatics. The performers use each other's bodies to create statuesque poses and dynamic sequences in a duet of counterbalance. Also known as Acrobatic Adagio, Acrobalance immediately captures people's attention and imagination, and is a delight to watch.

Our Acrobalance Shows can be incorporated into street or circus shows or can stand alone as performance pieces in their own right.

Acrobalance Shows

Aviatricks Acro can choreograph a piece inspired by your event to complement it perfectly. Below are some of our current pieces.

"Taking Flight" 6 minute-long Show

Performed by two contemporary dancers, this graceful and elegant act demonstrates the beauty of partnership. Counterbalance, contemporary dance and dance lifts are used to create fluid and seemingly impossible movement sequences.

"Acrotastic! - The Science of Levers and Lifts" 10 minute-long Show

Commissioned for an event at Glasgow Science Centre, this is a playful and fun piece well suited to a family audience. A Magician introduces an unusual "prop" to his audience, which magically springs to life through the science of levers and lifts!

Acrobalance Walkabout

Provide a curiosity to delight and entertain your guests. These roving acrobats can perform just about anywhere!

Birthday Parties

You can hire an acrobalance show for a delightful finale to a children's birthday party; see the Entertainers page for more information.

If you have any questions about our acrobalance shows or anything else, please contact us to discuss your requirements.